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Test Prep Tutoring: SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, ISEE

  • Personal essay on test prep coaching at greatschools.org: The Power of Desperation
  • Learn from a consistent 99th percentile scorer — I have earned perfect scores of 800 on SAT Math and 800 on SAT Verbal (not on the same test), and 770 on the GMAT.
  • I’ve developed customized study programs for hundreds of students. We work from proven study materials and I provide attentive listening to ensure students learn the fundamentals and the process.
  • I teach strategies to cope with test-day and studying anxiety.
  • I show students how SAT, ACT and other standardized test skills apply in everyday communication as well as in managing schedules, relationships and finances.
  • I impart ways of thinking that prepare students not only to reach their full potential on tests, but also to meet life’s challenges.

Academics: English, history, mathematics, science, Spanish, French, economics & finance

  • I unpack complex topics and relate them with metaphors appropriate to the student with whom I’m working.
  • I offer new perspectives to transform thinking so that what looked hard becomes easy.
  • I work with students over time to develop their potential and skills.
  • I teach the tools and craft of academic essays, including critical reading, research, honing an argument, laying out body paragraphs, and supporting arguments with evidence.

College Admissions Counseling  &  Mentoring

  • I teach the tools and craft of creative personal essay writing to help students uncover their story and develop identity and brand.
  • I help students develop plans academically, athletically, in community service, and in extracurriculars that empower them to highlight and deepen their identity.
  • Together with students, we create actionable goals to execute their plan, and I check in regularly regarding progress.
  • As an experienced Harvard admissions interviewer, I prepare students for interviews.
  • I help students identify the colleges that will fit them best.
  • I guide students through the process of completing college applications.

References available. Free consultation. Money back guarantee.

SAT vs. ACT:

How do I decide which test to take?

The College Board has completed its rollout of the new SAT. I took the new test in May 2016 and found it to be quite straightforward. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide which test is right for you:


Practice Test 1 for New SAT   Essay | Scoring | Answer Explanations
Practice Test 2 for New SAT  Essay | Scoring | Answer Explanations
Practice Test 3 for New SAT  Essay | Scoring | Answer Explanations
Practice Test 4 for New SAT  | Essay | Scoring | Answer Explanations

Detailed Essay Analysis: Essay 1 | Essay 2

  • College Board has released six sample tests
  • SAT is less rushed, particularly for the reading section
  • More analytical and abstract
  • Essay based on analysis of writing

Practice Materials for the ACT

  • Decade plus of study materials
  • Many students experience difficulties completing the reading section in time
  • More skills-based, less abstract
  • Essay based on free form response